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IONCON (It’s Only Natural CONsulting, CONservation, CONstruction) is a small engineering firm with a large wealth of project experience that includes small residential structural projects complete through large scale commercial and educational facility project management.  IONCON has, in its short existence, provided the following services:

  • IONCON is providing Project Management Services for the new Appalcart (Boone’s local public transportation services) facility.  The facility is anticipated to be US Green Building Council LEED certified at the silver level (if not Gold).  IONCON has coordinated and participated in the efforts to provide sustainable features such as solar thermal heating, solar PV electricity production, rainwater collection systems, energy efficiency, and many others.   IONCON is providing all of the USGBC LEED coordination and administration.
  • IONCON has provided Structural Engineering design and construction consultation services on a steel and wooden bridge over a river near Blowing Rock.
  • IONCON has provided Structural Engineering services for residential structural consultation and residential structural design – including locally sustainable harvested heavy timber framing.
  • IONCON is providing Renewable Energy consultation services including structural engineering for solar thermal systems and PV systems, and as consultant on solar thermal system design, wind turbine installation and micro hydro design.
  • IONCON is providing Commercial Consulting including structural and roof evaluation and consulting services for general facilities design and construction.
  • IONCON has provided rainwater collection consultation services for the Katrina House, an emergency response residence designed to address emergency situations where housing is needed in areas of diminished or no infrastructure.  The residence is located on Appalachian State University’s campus.
  • IONCON is providing structural engineering services for patent application to rapidly construct low income residences out of standardized shipping containers.
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