IONCON, with its vested interest in promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility, hosted the Boone Green Drinks network’s July 10th meeting at Galileo’s Restaurant. The event focused on following up on the ideas presented by Amory Lovins during his speech at ASU the day before and on the contents of his new book, ‘Reinventing Fire’.

Amory Lovins Economics

“5 Trillion in savings, 158% bigger economy, 0 oil-coal-nuclear needed”

A discussion was headed up by IONCON CEO Patrick Beville focusing on implementing the measures we have all been talking about since the oil crisis of 73′ and ’79, and at a large enough scale to make a difference. While Amory Lovins’ book stated that the changes needed would eventually occur with no influence from government incentives due to basic economic principals of scarcity, some argued that that change would be ‘too little too late’ to prevent unrecoverable economic and environmental damage. With glasses either half-full or half-empty at that point the general merriment continued into the night with the help of tunes from local musicians Ben Smith, Luke Fowler, Sarah Evans, and Miquela De Leon.

The band at Galileo's

Green Drinks Boone is an informal social networking organization that hosts monthly events for anyone interested in “green” activities in the High Country. Green Drinks Boone is among 15 other North Carolina communities and 750 cities worldwide that host monthly gatherings of sustainably-minded people who meet to informally discuss green business, green services and green activities. The Boone network organization has been meeting since 2008- currently on the 2nd Tuesdays every month and normally at Peppers Restaurant . Join us next time for fun, food, friends, and some discussion on making our world a better place.

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Green Drinks Boone Galileo's

A Special thanks to Patrick Beville and IONCON for the sponsorship and excellent discussion, to Galileos for hosting us last minute on their normal night off, to the band who will have a gig once a month if they play their cards right, and most of all, thanks to the folks that always tend to show up to these kinds of events and support our local movement attempting to make our world a better place. Until next time!

Quint David- Green Drinks Boone Organizing Committee/IONCON Technicion/Webmaster/Hat Wearer

IONCON Sponsors July Boone Green Drinks
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