IONCON specializes in green technology and design such as:

  • Solar Thermal Design
  • Photovoltaics
  • Rainwater Catchment Systems
  • Near and Net-Zero Energy Homes

And can provide technical consulting and engineering drawings required to complete such projects.

Specialty items requiring engineering sign-off are also encouraged, such as straw-bale, earthbag or earthship, and shipping container home designs.
DwellBox 2.1  Sam Calhounimg00032-3

Shipping container home in Boone, in conjunction with Dwellbox.

DwellBox 8.27 1  Sam Calhoun main_4

Shipping container homes require specialty structural engineering when large areas of the containers are to be removed or cut out. As these steel containers come in a stackable standardized form for international shipping purposes across vast oceans… they are quite strong when left alone, but many of our projects remove much of this strength when they add pesky items like ‘windows’ or ‘doors’ to the plans. Energy code compliance is also an issue that comes up frequently, and IONCON can also provide energy modeling and services to meet these requirements as well.

Revell Solar 1 revell solar 3 revell solar 4

IONCON can provide structural racking design for solar energy systems to meet wind loading requirements of your area. Electrical and line drawings can also be provided for code and utility compliance.

DSC07492 ASU ASPIRE Sculpture

Specialty structural design and engineering can also be completed at our offices. IONCON has experience with everything from large art installations, 60ft+ climbing and zip-line towers, 4 + story decks and gazebos, and even bunker design.

4.6kw of PV installed by Blue Ridge Energy Works
4.6kw of PV installed by Blue Ridge Energy Works

IMG_4517 complex roof deck design

East Elevation