IONCON is pleased to announce one of our new shipping container home projects is now well underway in Asheville NC!


Shipping Container Home Asheville NC IONCONShipping Container Home Asheville NC IONCON

The Asheville NC family is shooting for a low-budget eco-friendly approach to construction with passive solar and energy efficiency at the top of the list. Although some extra planning and engineering is required, the shipping container home will be a fully inspected and code-compliant residential structure and is expected to be completed in 2014. IONCON is providing structural engineering, design, consulting, and inspection services for the project.

Shipping Container Plans Asheville NC IONCON Shipping Container Plans Asheville NC IONCON

After design work was completed within strict budget constraints, the project  broke ground with a completed foundation and shipping containers being set by crane. The project uses two 40ft containers with one cut in half and welded back to form a ‘U’ shape around what will eventually become the living room. A shed roof will cover the containers and newly created living space to allow for two stories of south facing windows with a 2nd story loft over the kitchen area. A mix of columns and slab-on-grade foundation was used to match the slope of the home site and to maximize thermal mass available to absorb energy from the winter sun.

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Shipping Container Home in Asheville NC